Why Appetize Point Of Sale?

Appetize is a modern Point of Sale, inventory, and analytics platform transforming how enterprises manage guest transactions. With an omni-channel approach, Appetize makes front of house transactions more intuitive, while providing robust kitchen and back office tools.

Rich Functionality In 3 Modes

Quick Serve

Appetize Quick Serve Mode is the fastest, easiest to use front-of-house POS for cashiers with powerful management tools for back-of-house users.


Appetize Retail Mode includes dependable support for bar code scanning, unlimited SKUs, and easy inventory management tools for smarter merchandising.


Appetize Restaurant Mode includes support for all varieties of site restaurant use, including table layouts, menu management, coursing and more.

Reliable, Cloud-Based Platform

By operating a cloud-based platform, Appetize provides a Point of Sale system that is easy to deploy, maintain, and manage – without the need of a server room.

Business operators can manage their enterprise in real-time and make changes anywhere at anytime. The cloud provides a centralized management platform for all devices and locations and is free from Windows updates and antivirus management.


Automatic Offline Mode

Appetize’s proprietary automatic offline mode ensures your enterprise can process transactions regardless of connectivity status. While in offline mode, checks continue to sync and can be shared, receipts continue to print, payments continue to process, and operations continue without hesitation.

The best part, Appetize Activate automatically toggles between modes so cashiers aren’t required to push the terminal into offline mode.

Non-Proprietary Hardware Offering

Appetize partners with blue-chip hardware providers to offer a variety of options including: freestanding, countertop and wall-mounted stands, various screen sizes, fixed and portable terminals, and handheld devices. All hardware solutions come with extensive peripheral support, agnostic credit card payment support, and customer facing display options. Custom branding opportunities are also available for sponsorship and additional revenue generation.


Powerful Analytics & Reporting

With Appetize Connect, your business has the visibility you need to make smart decisions in real-time:

  • Dashboard of popular menu items, tender types, and more.
  • Breakdown of sales by location and terminal
  • Inventory management, including low stock alerts
  • Live-view and exportable reports
  • Ability to manage multiple properties
  • Responsive site for on-the-go accessibility