Appetize For Sports And Entertainment Venues

From Clubs And Theaters To The Largest Stadiums, We’ve Got You Covered

Appetize Point of Sale offers a complete POS solution for Sports and Entertainment enterprises, from concessions and suites to hawkers and merchandise.

Image-Based POS Software

Our intuitive interface and ordering capabilities provides staff, operators and fans the opportunity to make purchases and process payments lightning fast. Suites and advanced ordering options are available to provide guests with the best experience, wherever they are in the venue.

Dynamic Hardware Configuration

From iOS and Android handheld devices for hawking to in-seat mobile ordering options, fans and staff are able to make orders from anywhere in the space. Self-service kiosks provide fans the ability to create their own orders, eliminating the risk of long lines. POS terminals are offered in a variety of fixed and portable options to meet any venues’ needs.

Accepts All Payment Types

Appetize accepts all payment types including cash, credit, EMV, RFID, NFC and unlimited custom tenders. Loaded value options for season ticket holders or VIP members are available for any venue.

Informed Business Decisions

With real-time inventory, live payment and sales data, and robust reporting capabilities, enterprises can make informed business decisions on the fly, update sold out items, and more from any device at any time. Our automatic offline mode helps combat challenging infrastructures, while our cloud-based technology stores critical data and analytics from game day.

Products For Your Venue

Fixed & Portable POS

Easily move terminals throughout your campus to maximize space and spend.



Self-Serve Kiosks

Reduce lines so guests can order food, beverage, and retail items on their own.



Handheld Ordering

From hawkers and in-seat ordering to bathroom linebusting, take the POS on-the-go.



Mobile & Online Ordering

Order food, beverage, or retail items within a mobile app or an advanced ordering portal.



Kitchen Display System

Simplified views, menu management, and real-time updates for back of house operations.



Inventory & Reports

Ingredient-level inventory and cash room management for control over your business.



  • We want to push technology and innovation to deliver the best experience to our audience when they come to our Stadium, combining our Mobile First strategy with our world class technology infrastructure. Appetize aligns our strategy and enables our plans for the future.
    Larry F.
    EVP and Chief Business Officer, LAFC
  • “This is an innovative idea where you take the longest process and the most boring part of the food and beverage experience, and you completely revamp it. Now, the physical concession stand can be dedicated to higher quality, better displays, faster turnarounds and more unique items.”
    Sean H.
    President & CEO, Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena

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