Appetize Connect: Backend Management Platform

Inventory and Cash Room Management

Ingredient-level inventory and customizable cash room management tools give you the ultimate control over every inch of your building.

Robust Backend Controls

Real-time inventory management, reporting, and advanced analytics so your business can operate proactively and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Recipe, ingredient & SKU management. Event-to-event or day-to-day management reconciled monthly, weekly, daily, or on a custom schedule.

Live Inventory Management

Allows operators to work in a proactive fashion by seeing live inventory levels.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics 

View sales, popular menu items, stock levels, and more in real-time. Push updates to all POS terminals to reflect sold-out items.

Cash Room Management

Easily audit revenue to ensure against loss prevention.

Front Of House Management 

Quickly input and update Inventory on Appetize Activate to save time on backend data entry.

Dynamic Price Levels

Configure multiple selling prices for the same inventory items based off location of sale or event type.

Exportable Reports

View reports how you want to see them in any exportable format, including real-time reports.

Employee Management

Set up permission sets by  roles and manage clock-in / clock-out capabilities.

Additional Features

✔ Pre-event transfer planning
✔ Filterable reports
✔ Create unique reports
✔ Automatic email alerts & reports
✔ Integrate your data warehouse
✔ Support for multi-entities, including regional & national
✔ Vendor, account & employee hierarchies

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