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How Spectrum Catering Exceeded Customer Expectations With Appetize


For more than twenty-five years, Spectrum has provided the highest level of hospitality and management for leading music festivals, concerts, golf tournaments, and venues across the country. When their cash-only systems were disrupted by credit cards and wristband technology, Spectrum knew their concessions needed a new point of sale solution that not only they could trust, but their clients could trust, as well.

• Inability to accept credit cards

• Long concession lines

• Lengthy volunteer trainings

• Spotty connection location

• Cashless and contactless payment support

• iOS familiarity

• Cloud-based solution

• Auto-offline mode

• Increased revenue and average order size

• Reduced concession wait times

• Improved transaction speeds

• Real-time analytics

“We have evaluated Revel, Bypass, Square, and many others. We always have and will continue to choose Appetize. It’s easy-to-use, built better on the backend, and it just works.”

Derek Mills, Chief Financial Officer, Spectrum


Up until 2013, Spectrum, like many other concessionaires, did not use a point of sale system to run major events for the PGA TOUR and music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Govenors Ball. But as the shift to credit cards and wristbands became the norm, Derek Mills, Chief Financial Officer at Spectrum, and his team knew something had to change.

“We felt that we needed to be one of the first to introduce a point of sale system that was fast and easy to use in the outdoor events world,” said Mills.

For Spectrum, the window to generate revenue is tight so they needed a point of sale system that could quickly and easily generate sales. In addition, Spectrum no longer saw the benefit of utilizing a terminal that couldn’t be shipped from location to location or had spotty service with no offline mode.

And so they began their search for a cloud-based, tablet/mobile interface system to fit each of their venues’ needs.


After looking at different solutions, their search ultimately drove them to Appetize. “We evaluated many different providers but we always came back to Appetize,” said Mills. “It’s beyond easy for our volunteers to use, and the nerdy technical side of it works better.”

This solution enabled Spectrum to leverage the familiarity of the iOS platform by turning devices, like the any version iPad, into fully functional POS operators. Appetize’s auto-offline mode provided the ability for operations to continue, even when the event was in a location with limited service.

RFID and NFC payment options provided Spectrum the ability to easily accept contactless payments in addition to credit card and cash. “Since we implemented Appetize, more than 75% of our sales are either credit card or wristband payments. Over the past four years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift to cashless payments and Appetize has ensured we meet our customers demand,” says Mills.


With Appetize, Spectrum has seen an increase in revenue, from average ticket order sizes to sales within the venue. They also cut labor costs and time on volunteer trainings with the products’ ease of use and menu-driven interface. When compared with other solutions, the speed and security of Appetize software met perfectly with Spectrums’ needs.

“Appetize had the right product at the perfect time. When this whole outdoor, cloud-based point of sale need came about, Appetize was there,” said Mills. “What we saw years ago is now the standard for festivals and venues.”

Spectrum has always prided themselves on appeasing to the highest standard for their customers. With Appetize, they give guests the best experience by cutting wait times and making transactions effortless so they never miss a show or game-winning play. Implementing Appetize point of sale solutions provides seamlessness at every Spectrum event.

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