Coney Island Waterpark

Case Study


For over 130 years, Coney Island has been a unique destination to splash, ride, cheer and play. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Coney Island is more than just a water park. With thousands of guests to serve, Coney Island knew they needed to upgrade their Point of Sale (POS) system.

• Relied on internet connectivity

• Complimentary meals to unhappy customers due to long wait times

• Lack of real-time data and automated processes

• Cloud-based software that works without internet connectivity

• Handheld and portable devices

• Constantly accessible realtime data insights from any device

• Improved transaction speeds with innovative software and simple UI

• Enabled real-time control over multiple properties for simple enterprise management

• Cloud-based system gave venue ability to serve guests more effectively

“The best part about Appetize is the ability to view reports from anywhere. It’s great to access data in a fully-featured way right from my phone while working from home or on-the-go.”

Nick Rhein, Banquet Manager, Coney Island Waterpark



Plagued with an outdated solution that relied on internet connectivity, Coney Island often faced full or partial system outages. Forced to offer complimentary meals to very unhappy guests, Nick Rhein, Banquet Manager at Coney Island, decided to look for a new POS solution.

Beyond needing a cloud-based system, Coney Island wanted more data insights. “We needed to upgrade our ‘dumb’ cash registers. We couldn’t see sales data in real-time, and we were manually tallying sales tracks and revenues. It was inefficient and time-consuming,” recalls Rhein.



After investigating Appetize, Coney Island found it to be the perfect solution for their water park, pool food stands, merchandise shops and employee time-keeping. “There was no single “wow” factor. Rather, it was the entire system as compared to the “dumb” registers we had before. The user interface is simple and intuitive, the backend is robust and the spread of features is impressive,” said Rhein.

Appetize offered a solution that could be deployed in a variety of ways while also having seamless online and offline capabilities. Now, Coney Island is outfitted with standard and handheld iPad Minis that give the water park an innovative, flexible solution to quickly serve guests. “Now that our process is automated we are eliminating labor costs while gaining mobile accessible data insights.”




With Appetize, Coney Island is experiencing faster transaction times, and staff training is a breeze due to handheld devices and a menu-driven interface

Coney Island saved valuable time by eliminating manual cup and bottle counting. “For a park like ours where there are ten different cups associated with different beverages, it was very time consuming to count and re-count cups. With Appetize, specific cups are accounted for with every sale, and my data is reliable and accurate,” says Rhein.

As a result of Appetize, Coney Island can now regularly run reports on the food sales to see the proportion of season pass customers versus regular customers. “On regular push-button registers that would be impossible. With Appetize, I can pull reports with the season pass holder promo code and put that against the total number of orders! As an added bonus, Appetize lets us customize printed receipts, and we now have our brand new park logo on all,” says Rhein.

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