SSA & Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center Makes Ordering & Payment Shift With Appetize & Service Systems Associates (SSA)


The Cincinnati Museum Center is known for its commitment to understanding the richness of the past, present and future by providing world-class learning experiences for children and adults of all ages. While their demonstrations and exhibits shed light on our rich history, their Point of Sale system was becoming a thing of the past.

With an outdated system, Cincinnati Museum Center had challenges with reporting and analysis, faulty connectivity, and an overall lack of innovation in their ordering and payment processes. Museum operators knew it was time to make the necessary shift.

• Limited access to reporting and analytics

• Unstable Internet connectively

• Limited IT resources

• Lack of innovated ordering methods

• Partnership with SSA and Appetize

• Cloud-based platform

• Self-service kiosks and POS terminals

• Integrated KDS system

• Easy staff training

• $5 average increase per order

• 1.4x more items per order

• 42% of guests opting to use kiosks

“Appetize is so user-friendly. We have visitors of all ages using our kiosks. It’s great to see a lot of the
older crowd using the solution with a sense of pride that they can work the new technology”

Caitlin Davis, General Manager, Cincinnati Museum Center


From concessions to gift shops to catering, the processes at the Cincinnati Museum Center were outdated and caused stress for the employees and guests with limited efficiencies and results. Operators at the museum had difficulty with internet outages and reboots that lasted 15 to 20 minutes during lunch rushes and peak traffic hours, as their system was not equipped for the large quantity orders and high volume of guests.

Cincinnati Museum Center also faced issues with limited IT and technical resources resulting in foodservice and retail operations taking a backseat to other high priority projects and tasks on site. In addition to lack of control on the backend and connectivity issues, the POS system was lacking a key component to successful ordering and payments innovation. Especially for the retail shops, it was difficult for operators to customize screens with popular gift store items reducing guest turnaround time.


Service Systems Associates acquired the Cincinnati Museum Center as a client in 2014. In 2018, SSA partnered with Appetize to bring modern, enterprise-capable POS to cultural attractions nationwide.

For front of house operations, the Cincinnati Museum Center implemented modernized terminals and self-service ordering solutions for faster transactions in both retail and quick service locations. Alongside modern POS hardware, the software provides cashiers and guests with easy-to-use solutions and a seamless system to get payments processed quickly.

At the merchandise locations, Appetize’s image-driven solution is integrated with Yellow Dog Software to manage retail inventory in real-time. “The system is really easy to use, and the retail team likes the appearance of the orders on the screen with easy to follow steps for completing a transaction,” said Caitlin Davis, General Manager, Cincinnati Museum Center.

In addition, Appetize equipped Cincinnati Museum Center with a robust management solution, Connect, that enables managers like Davis to view reports at any time, on any device. “I love that I’m able to login to Connect from my mobile phone. I have the flexibility to manage the Museum and do everything from seeing how the day is performing to processing refunds from anywhere in the building or even at home.”


Through this new partnership with Appetize and SSA, the Cincinnati Museum Center saw an increase in both order sales and overall revenue due to faster turnaround time and the introduction of self-service technologies.

The Museum found that 40% of guests opted to use the self-service kiosks and saw order sizes increase by 20%. In addition, Appetize reduced training time due to the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the software interface.

They’ve also received appreciation from guests as the new system is intuitive and provided them with a positive, effortless experience.

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