From the colorful lawns of Bonnaroo to the wine country fields of Bottle Rock, festivals are known to bring people of various backgrounds and walks of life together with music, art and good company. As enterprises across the country are upgrading their point of sale software to be better equipped for large crowds and harsh environments, festivals aren’t falling too close behind.
When it comes to music and arts festivals, there are factors to take into consideration when incorporating a modernized point of sale system, like environment and connectivity. Festivals vary in locations from inner-cities to vast deserts, it’s imperative for the point of sale system to be able to withstand loss of connection or weather restraints. Here are the biggest reasons why festivals are making the upgrade.

Securing Connectivity With The Cloud

One of the biggest obstacles that festivals continuously face is losing connection on the grounds. As appealing as modern platforms are, it can be daunting for operators to risk losing service and important data. Because festivals are typically in remote locations or heavily populated entities, service failure can hinder the reporting and analytics for any given festival day.
With cloud-based technology, connectivity issues are a thing of the past. At Appetize, we have implemented powerful software that will switch into auto-offline mode if there are any moments where service cuts out unexpectedly. We’ve taken the risk out of losing data along with signal, as the switch into auto-offline mode is seamless and all of the data and records will still be documented.

Weathering The Storm With Trustworthy Equipment

Rain or shine, the festival will go on. As most festivals are hosted in outdoor venues, it’s inevitable for rainy or stormy weather to occur. The point of sale platform must be able to withstand any external forces that are thrown its way. Whether it’s rain or powering through hundreds of thousands of rowdy guests, it’s important for festivals to have a point of sale platform that is sturdy and capable of wear and tear.
At Appetize, our products are bulletproof. Which means they’re designed to withstand the forces of weather, and humans. We incorporate ruggedized cases to protect the iOS and Android devices and ensure our products are built to last.

Enhancing The Experience With Cashless Payments

As cashless payments are becoming more normalized, festival guests expect to check-in to the grounds or pay for concessions with their credit cards or wristbands, rather than walking around with wads of cash. It’s not only becoming expected by guests, but demanded by them. For festival operators, it’s important to stay up to date with payments processes and make sure the fan experience is top notch.
Our products make cashless payments easy and efficient throughout the festival grounds, from check-in to the beer garden. We have a wristband payments system that allows guests to check in with wristbands, cutting back lines to get into the venue. We also incorporate POS card reader terminals that allow guests to make purchases easily to get back to the music.
To learn more about how state-of-the-art point of sale systems are making a positive impact on festivals, see how it’s worked firsthand. Read our recent case study with Spectrum Concessions to take a look at how this concessionaire made the switch: