Appetize Activate: Handheld Options

Simplified Guest Experience For Your Business

Native to both iOS and Android devices, Appetize’s handheld devices offer a simple way to checkout guests in minutes.

Ordering & Payment Solutions

Appetize Activate for Handhelds has three modes designed to take the Point of Sale on-the-go to meet Quick Serve, Retail and Restaurant needs. Easily customize the screen, select items to purchase, and process payment in a matter of clicks.

Cloud-Based Platform

iOS & Android-based operating systems managed in the cloud via Appetize Connect.

Variety Of Hardware Solutions

Handheld and mobile options with 4.4″, 5.5″, 7.9″, 8.0″ or 9.7″ screen sizes. Handheld cases & enclosures with handstraps or belt hooks.

Constant Connectivity

Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, and automatic offline mode for ordering & payments

Payment Type Support

Cash, credit, EMV, NFC, RFID, gift card, stored value, loyalty, and unlimited custom tender types.

Intuitive Order Modifiers

Modifiers, upsells, and conversational ordering capabilities.

Fully Featured

Promo codes, combos, discounts & refund capabilities. Digital tips, signatures & receipt options.

Extensive Peripheral Support

Barcode scanners, cases, Bluetooth printers & charging bays for one or five units.

Purchasing Options

Hardware warranties available. Purchasing & lease options that work for your business.

Additional Features

✔ Barcode scanning & SKU lookup
✔ Proprietary automatic offline mode
✔ Customizable item and menu screen
✔ Integrated with Appetize Kitchen Display System
✔ Centralized back of house management suite
✔ 80+ partner integrations
✔ Manager settings & troubleshoot capabilities
✔ Permission sets by role
✔ Clock-in / Clock-out capabilities


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