Appetize For Any Restaurant Type

Run Your Quick Serve Or Fine Dining Restaurant More Efficiently

Whether you’re taking reservations and offering table side ordering or running a new fast-casual concept, Appetize has you covered.

Menu-Drive POS Interface

Designed to meet your fast-casual, quick-service, and table service needs. Increase throughput with a menu-driven interface that includes item descriptions and has dedicated modes for quick-service and restaurant needs. For table service needs, operators can easily create table layouts in the cloud and flexibly manage check and guest assignments by seat. With Appetize, staff can simply modify orders while also suggesting upsell items.

Dynamic Hardware Configuration

Appetize hardware solutions include fixed & portable POS devices, self-service kiosks, handheld tablets for line busting or table side ordering, mobile API for integration into your existing application, online ordering, and mounted or fixed Kitchen Display Systems. Engage customers with Customer Facing Display options that offer digital tips, signatures, and receipt options.

Robust Kitchen Display System

Provide real-time kitchen communication to the POS to increase order accuracy and provide real-time updates to staff. Orders sync from all POS devices and route to previously defined workflows for kitchen optimization. Mark items as sold-out in real-time across all POS devices directly from the KDS.

Informed Business Decisions

With real-time inventory, live payment and sales data, and robust reporting capabilities, managers can make informed business decisions on the fly, update sold out items, and more from any device at any time. With ingredient-level inventory management, recipe management, and more, your restaurant will have the tools it needs to run efficiently.


Products For Your Restaurant

Fixed & Portable POS

Flexible Point of Sale solutions with Customer Facing Displays to ensure order accuracy.



Self-Service Kiosks

Let guests place their own to-go, counter pick-up, or even table delivery orders.



Tableside Ordering

Take the POS on-the-go and eliminate paper orders and errors.



Mobile & Online Ordering

 Allow patrons to order from your mobile application or a web-based URL.



Kitchen Display System

Simplified views, menu management, and real-time updates for back of house operations.



Inventory & Reports

Ingredient-level inventory and cash room management for control over your business.



  • “Appetize automatic offline mode has been a complete game-changer in terms of network flexibility, increased throughput and reduced risk exposure in my experience, there is NO OTHER solution that provides such a dynamic approach to online and offline transactions. We have tested others and none compare… period.”
    Derek M.
    CFO, Spectrum Catering
  • Appetize has been a great partner that has driven both innovation and efficiency within our operations. Using Appetize has helped us to enhance the fan experience by providing more flexible ordering and payment solutions that improve the speed of service to our customers.
    Mike M.
    CIO, Legends Hospitality

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