Appetize Kitchen Display System

Improved Kitchen Processes With Real-Time Updates

Increase kitchen efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance speed of service.


Simplified Kitchen Operations

Appetize Kitchen Display System easily communicates to all Point of Sale form factors to increase order accuracy and provide real-time updates.

Quick Order Sync

Orders placed quickly sync to the KDS regardless of device. Appetize KDS Integrates with all product types: fixed & portable, kiosk, handheld & mobile app.

Order Routing

Route menu items to different stations that maps to your kitchen layout. Includes multiple printer configuration to optimize operations.

Flexible Kitchen Configuration

Utilize as many KDS as you want in the layout that best fits your environment.

Full Menu Catalog

Review full item catalog with images and descriptions.

Variety Of Hardware Options

Countertop & wall-mounted options with 9.7″ or 12.9″ screen sizes. Printers and external display available.

Cloud-Based Platform

iOS operating system managed in the cloud via Appetize Connect.

Purchasing Options 

Hardware warranties available. Purchasing & lease options that work for your business.

Consistent Connectivity Supports

Ethernet, WiFi, and 4G capabilities.

Additional Features

✔ Review pending orders & move to complete
✔ Snapshot order view with hot and cold item separation
✔ Expo line management
✔ View detailed information & order modifiers
✔ Seamlessly sync back of house management
✔ Manage KPI reports & send receipts
✔ Eliminate sold out items in real-time across all devices
✔ Manage & change prices
✔ Set up hold and fire capabilities

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