Picture this; you’re in line waiting for a beer at the game when you hear the crowd go wild from their seats, telling you that you missed a key play. Those days of waiting in line and missing those big plays are over. At the newly built Fiserv Forum, Bucks fans can order beers from the comfort of their seats through The Coors Light Beer Button on the Bucks & Fiserv Forum App, powered by Appetize’s mobile ordering technology.
The ordering process is simple. Fans open their app (which also holds their tickets), click the ‘Beer Me’ button, plug in their seat location and numbers, choose a Coors Light or Miller Lite, enter credit card information, and input phone number for status updates. From there, fans get to enjoy the game and wait for their beer to be delivered.
The Beer Button at Fiserv Forum is changing the fan experience, and outlets like Sports Illustrated, The NBA, and ESPN have spread the word about Appetize’s innovative ordering technology. See some highlights below:
Sports Illustrated“Wouldn’t you love to just sit on your butt and buy cold beers with the tap of a button while watching Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk over people? Turns out the people with the Bucks & Fiserv Forum App were reading your mind.”
ESPN“As the Bucks prepared to move into their bright, new arena, Fiserv Forum, this season, they were looking for ways to, in the parlance of sports-biz-speak, enhance the fan experience. In the digital age, that also means developing a mobile app that feeds users with highlights, contest entry forms, an easy way to buy tickets to future games — and what can essentially be described as ‘Uber … for beer.’”
OnMilwaukee“No more games will be ruined by the dreaded beer run ever again thanks to the new Fiserv Forum Beer Button, coming soon to a phone near you.”
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