Powerful End To End Commerce Management

Full suite of products and form factors to accommodate any need on your property. From theme parks to business dining to quick service restaurants, Appetize has the most robust enterprise solution.

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    Ecosystem Friendly

    True enterprise support across all business units of your property.

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    Lightning Fast

    Between our cash algorithm, digital tips and signatures, and our icon-based items, you’ll get more people through the line than ever before.

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    Completely Offline

    Whether you operate completely offline, online, or in our hybrid, automatic offline mode, we are ready whenever you are.

Order From Designated Kiosks

Allow guests the flexibility of being able to order on demand. Appetize Kiosks can be used anywhere on your property to allow guests to order at any point.

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    Quick and Easy

    Easy to understand interface supporting food, drinks, and retail.

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    Automated Ordering

    No employees needed for processing of orders. Orders are routed their location to be fulfilled.

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    NFC Support

    Google Wallet and Apple Pay support built in.

Robust Backend Controls

From dashboards to live and exportable reports to ingredient-level inventory, Appetize Connect is the Operators toolkit.

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    Powerful Analytics

    Both exportable and live-view reports for day-to-day and event-to-event analytics.

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    Inventory and Cash Room Management

    Ingredient-level inventory and customizable cash room management tools give you the ultimate control over every inch of your building.

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    Support for Multiple Properties

    Appetize includes national, regional, multi-site, site, vendor, account, and employee hierarchies - ready for all enterprises.

Mobile Ordering From Within Your App

With today’s mobile technology, why not give your guests the ability to turn their phones into their own POS?

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    Easy and Intuitive

    An easy and familiar interface to allow guests to get that VIP experience.

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    Intelligent Order Routing

    All transparent to the guest, the order routing and ordering options are all automatically shown for optimal efficiencies.

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    Support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet

    Allow guests to order with the convenience and security of the latest technologies.

Beautiful Bulletproof Hardware

Our hardware solution is a combination of best-in-class partners and in-house components - all assembled in Appetize’s assembly house in Santa Monica, CA.

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    P2PE readers and latest PCI compliance

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    Quality Hardware

    Assembled and designed in California

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    Built for volume and indoor-outdoor use

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    Setup for cell, wired and wireless connections

A Complete System For Your Property

  • Cloud Based

    No onsite infrastructure needed. Powerful, dedicated and redundant cloud architecture, so you always know you are on the latest, most secure, and up to date version of our platform.

  • Customized Reporting

    Filter reports to find any data imaginable. Use our open API to create your own custom reporting tools or integration into your data warehouse.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Allow mobile ordering, kiosks, or the point of sale to be customized to your brand and sponsors.

  • Wired Ethernet for iOS supported

    Launched at many properties nationwide, our wired ethernet solution lets you take advantage of your current network infrastructure.

  • Secure Mobile Device Management

    All devices are managed remotely and securely by Appetize. Units come configured and with Appetize as the only app an Operator can utilize.

  • Digital Signatures, Tips, and Receipts

    Allow customers to tip, sign, and have their receipt emailed to them. Easy, intuitive interface encourages tipping and significantly reduces time spent on the close out process.

  • Extensive Peripheral Support

    Printers, Cash Drawers, Scales, you name it. We support a wide range of peripherals out of the box.

  • Complete Warehouse Management

    End to end management of all aspects of your inventory. View customizable reports, current stock levels, true up counts, stand sheets, and transfers. Appetize digitalizes and presents key functions in a clear, easy-to-use interface..

  • Fully Digital Stand Sheets

    Go from open to close in a fully digital fashion, inputting your stand sheets on the register. You also have the ability to print stand sheets at any time.

  • Inventory Transfers Made Easy

    Transfer requests and fulfillment from the register and warehouse. Even have stand managers sign the transfer slip on the register.

  • Purchasing and Receiving

    Full purchasing and receiving capabilities are built into the inventory platform. Generate POs, track shipments, receive product.

  • RFID Support

    Access management and cashless payment supported out of the box.

  • Robust Kitchen Display System

    Use the Appetize KDS application to effectively and efficiently track orders and inventory.

  • Customizable Interface

    Activate POS remembers employees’ settings, so no matter which unit an employee logs into, their previous settings will be displayed for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

  • Digital Menu Boards

    Custom menu board integration available through Appetize’s API, in addition to Appetize’s Smart TV-based digital menu board system.

  • Scheduling, Time Clock, and Payroll

    End to end management of all aspects of scheduling, time clock, and payroll. Integration with payroll processors makes payroll simple and easy. Even allow employees to use the app to transfer shifts and view availability.

  • Big Data

    Want to determine what Android users in Section 302 ordered between 78 PM? All data from our POS products to mobile ordering is delivered, captured and presented in a clear, actionable way.

  • Fantastic Support

    24/7/365 support included. We offer amazing support that our partners love.

Plus hundreds of more features to support your property.

Over 1 Billion

Processed this year from 15,000+ business units world wide